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Bye, Bye Hedonism

I’ve noticed I’ve been much happier lately now that I’ve learned to accept my negative feelings. As a human, experiencing negative feelings from time to time is inevitable.

When I can tell myself “I’m sad”, “I’m frustrated”, “I’m lonely” etc and be okay with feeling that way for the time being, I’m able to come to terms with those feelings and release them. It’s when I push back from feeling what I naturally feel that I begin to agonize.

“Ugh! Why do I feel like this?”

“I don’t want to feel this way, it’s uncomfortable!”

Hedonism, the theory that good and pleasurable feelings are the only acceptable feelings blocks the natural flow of our emotions. Our good is just as much a part of us as our bad– this apply to everything. It’s what makes us balanced human beings. It only makes sense then that rejecting negative feelings would knock me off my square, I need to experience those feelings in order to remain balanced and grounded.

The adage “go with the flow” never made more sense to me than it does now.


Single & Lonely?

One of the biggest mistakes people who are single and miserable about it make is blaming themselves for their loneliness. They think that if they could change or improve themselves loneliness wouldn’t be an issue for them when in reality loneliness is an emotion every human experiences at some point regardless of them having someone to call their own or not. If you can learn to accept yourself and also accept that your loneliness is fleeting and will eventually pass like every other negative emotion your single-hood would be much more bearable.

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Latest Obsession: Podcasts

Admittedly, I used to think podcasts were nerdy but lately they’ve become one of my primary sources of entertainment that gets me through long and boring work days. Here are my favorites.

1. The Read |

This was the very first podcast I subscribed to, I’ve been listening to The Read since it’s very first episode and have been a Kid Fury follower since about 2010.  It features two like-minded hosts who have a perfect mix between addressing mindless pop culture with a “flippant and humorous attitude” and tackling social issues and current events with a straight no chaser attitude.
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I’m not a beauty blogger but…. Here’s my natural skin care regimen.


So last night, HeyFranHey‘s followers lit up my mentions when I tweeted this:


So I figured I would let my followers in on my skin care regimen that I adapted from HeyFranHey but modified to suit my own skin care needs. I should make a note that the results pictured were from a couple of months ago and the method is still working well.
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